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Oct. 24th, 2010 06:19 pm
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Am working on an exchange story for [ profile] tw_femficfest  and it's femslash!yay!

Am relieved I have until January to finish the Torchwood/Talented Mr Ripley crossover for [ profile] reel_torchwood   It is entirely written in my head with about 400 words committed to print. :D

In the meantime, [ profile] copperbadge  wrote a Merlin fic, Advisor To The King,  that ends with Arthur/Gwen/Merlin. :D  YAY!   I am so into MMF right now it's not funny. There is also explicit M/M in it and hello. 

And my go-to smut writer, [ profile] xtricks , penned "Ianto is everyone's sex slave" from a kinkmeme prompt. OMG. Weekly View. (HOT. JESUS GO READ IT.)    

And it's [ profile] thaddeusfavour 's fault I am buying flatware.  That and the fact that I'm drunk and have a credit card and because I am always running out of fucking forks.


Sep. 1st, 2010 10:20 am
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[ profile] neifile7  has written a multiple-pairings story, cat's cradle. I love this!!!!  (No matter who you ship, there's a section you'll dig.)

I ship everyone with everyone else, so... bonus!

BUT. My F(avourite)T3 for Torchwood (I don't have just one, yo) is Jack/Ianto/Gwen.  You can tell this because I can't write it properly myself, I've read every single story out there and I request it in exchanges EVERY HOLIDAY SEASON. :D

[ profile] canaana  has a lovely new one called Three Wishes that is just <3

ETA: What everybody else said about not posting LJ entries to facebook. Don't? Obvious fandom etiquette is obvious.  I don't know why ya would show your mom a link to a journal full of sci-fi smutfic, but who knows? 

My real name isn't on my journal anyway. (It's Zelda Rumplefistknocker Pinwheel, FYI.)
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I haven't written anything all week, but other people have made awesome things!

[ profile] neifile7  has White Collar meta. In fact, she has awesome post-episode meta weekly. :D

[ profile] copperbadge  has a Peter/El/Neal story for you.  Exquisite.  

White Collar gun porn from [ profile] spiderine .  THE PIC. YOU KNOW THAT ONE CLOSEUP SHOT OF NEAL'S ABS?  IT'S IN THERE.

[ profile] such_heights  made an amazing multifandom femslash fanvid, Take Me Home

This poast needs moar Torchwood.  It's Melvin's birthday. Melvin is the 456! (That bastard!) PARTY AT [ profile] kel_reiley's JOINT.
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It's Friday!  Hooraaaaay! :D

Happy (belated) Canada Day to my Canadian friends I didn't hit yesterday and Happy (early) Independence Day to my fellow Yanks.

[ profile] torchwood_house  is celebrating the Long Hot Hard Days of Summer with naughty recs. Three more people... three more people need to join and the comm will have 1,000 members. *poke poke*  :D


Joymaking stuff I've beta-read and am reccin' ya:

Torchwood and White Collar crossover fic. Which is HOT, and [ profile] neifile7  knocks conman characterisation out of the park.  Jack Harkness/Neal Caffrey in Shell Game

[ profile] copperbadge  knows Rory remembers his Roman past, too. Rory/Amy/Eleven in two versions of an awesome tale: Vita Longa and De Bello Rorii

Aaaand [ profile] ms_prue 's sweet Amy/Eleven ficathon story, Punting.

OKAY. Um... other Dragon*Con  Doctor Who fan attendees.  I have a sick plan and will update you, but here are two words for now: 



Apr. 30th, 2010 08:37 am
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Watched Law and Order SVU from the other night. Sharon Stone is the new DA! (And she was apparently Elliott's old partner.)   I love SVU, but the acting seemed so... stilted in that ep. EW agrees that the dialogue sucked balls.

Oh, hey, cool site: vintage letterhead. 

Recs! [ profile] edibleflowers  has a lovely Jack/Ianto story up! Briar's Books - New, Used, Rare - Special Orders Available  I also done helped beta Sam's virtual series fanfic (though you don't have to read [ profile] tw_itallchanges  for it to make sense, it helps!)  Family Secrets.  And DUDE -- go read the latest story by kel and blue_fjords: All In Good Time. Awesome. 

Looking for more things to read? Try [ profile] lipsum - she's been sharing great links!

fic things

Apr. 10th, 2010 09:58 am
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HEY so I placed in some Children of Time categories: rare pairs for Closure (Jack/John) and het for Three Proverbs  (Jack/Tosh and Ianto/Tosh -- LAWL, those are rarer pairs than the first, since it's canon and all!) Thanks to all who voted and congratulations to the winners.  \O/

[ profile] amand_r 's  amazing Jack/Tosh story beat mine in het, which is fair enough because I think I voted for it. At any rate, I wrote Three Proverbs for her. :D


ETA: Speaking of mandrrrrrr, the next part of the bodyswap is up! Any Other Day.  \O/  I love this story.  

[ profile] neifile7 's de-anoned on a bangin' kinkmeme fic. HELL'S BELLS is Hunting Game ever hot and twisty and beautifully-written.

[ profile] copperbadge  has Jack/Eleven sexings for weekend. Yes!  Because this regeneration of the Doctor has different tastebuds and is also horny (for a change). Hello. Rotten Petty Perfect Sexy.

The mods at [ profile] dark_fest  have kindly given me an extension - I usually don't write things that are this... long.
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Firrrrst, IT'S FRIDAY! FUCK YEAH![Poll #1543475][Poll #1543475]


Mar. 17th, 2010 10:03 am
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Beta things, first!

from [ profile] lefaym  - An Angel/Torchwood crossover with young!Wesley in Cardiff/Jack.  Hee! I <3 Wes.  The Making of a Rogue Demon Hunter

from [ profile] copperbadge  - A re-write of the Ianto/Jack/Gwen story, Price. He wrote this lovely story the morning after Day 1 of CoE and has added bonus hot porn (FTFMW!)

from [ profile] chicleeblair  - Have You Seen Me Lately? is a Gwen/Jack story set far past CoE. After Gwen has rebuilt the team, the Rift dumps Jack on Torchwood's doorstep. (Two of three parts are up.)

And for something completely different, [ profile] pocky_slash  has TORCHWOOD MEAN GIRLS MACROS because MEAN GIRLS MACROS are still  never not funny. (More of them in the comments.)
Happy St Patrick's Day!  
(Hey, I love Shane MacGowan. I just don't wanna make out with him.)


Mar. 6th, 2010 11:32 am
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I might have just committed RPF at Nick and Mandr's comment battle here.  (It's clean!)

I just read the White Collar/Doctor Who crossover story by [ profile] pocky_slash; This is the Start is sweetness! <3

...and [ profile] honorh  speculates that Jack Harkness writes fanfiction about the Doctor and Rose.  Of COURSE HE DOES AND IT'S JUST LIKE THIS.

Finally, here's a picture of John Barrowman with a banana.  Om nom nom. What's up with the hair?


Jan. 28th, 2010 10:28 am
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angstslashhope just wrote the hottest thing ever (because you know you love it when Jack and Ianto get turned on by vintage typewriter porn and there's a desk. Right... there). Don't lie. You know you do. 'Cause man, I admit it. I do.  Underwood 

I haven't had enough coffee yet to make dick-tation jokes but WHEW. OMFG I need a smoke now. *lights up*

golden_d wrote me a Gwen and Tosh friendship story! :D  The Old Astronomer's Students is awesome.

apiphile has a book out! Check out Del's work in the poetry anthology Know Your Words.

And Dan Savage has MMF threesome advice for (possibly bi) men this week. I give Dan LOLZ credit for the term "lady innards".  Hey, it's better than va-jay-jay.  Maybe.

fried day

Jan. 15th, 2010 11:28 am
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Argh. WHY do you eat posts which are full of links I have to find again, LJ? Huh?  COZ IT HATES USERNAME CODE. *thwap*

wendymr has another list of peeps volunteering fanworks to help Haiti.  Thank you, debitha, for bidding on my beta!

laridaes' (C's) reel_torchwood story, The Gulls (based on Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds)  is creepy-good! Check it out.

lefaym's partner has written her TW fic. And it's funny. :D  Mr Foxy won't write me fic! (It would just be a bad poetic ode to Gwen's melons/boots anyway. "What rhymes with taut?" So perhaps it's better just... not asking.)

[ profile] into_the_woods  Is a new X-Files rewatch comm. YAYS! *dusts off S1 DVDs* 

I have a Torchwood/X-Files crossover to rework, because it wasn't funny at all enough. That is my next task.

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I'd resolved to keep on top of things in 2010 and I'm already behind!

OKAY YES, there is already a fantastic story featuring Jack and Alonso post-End of Time II (!) it's New Things by [ profile] xtricks . Even if you don't think you're ready to read this yet, you're ready to read this. 

And of course, he wrote my fantastihot Secret Santa story which I love to bits!  LOL I KNEW IT.

Oh! Hey now. Have some Jack/Gwen. This is... OMG, it's great. And it's kinky and clever. And it's sort of a misunderstanding but timing is everything.  It's Fair Game by [ profile] mimarie .

And let me rec the two lovely Yuletide stories I was privileged to beta as well: A MythBusters Christmas is a charming team story by karaokegal. If you like the show, you'll giggle. There's a MythBaby!  Secondly, paragraphs (laridae) tackled classical music RPS for Yuletide - a take on the real-life love story between composer Benjamin Britten and tenor Peter Pears. Piano e forte is lovely, even if you're not familiar with the music these men made over the decades together.

Also, [ profile] thaddeusfavour  is writing fic with Jack and Han Solo. So my evil plan worked. All right then!
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Torchwood recs!

They Still Tell Stories, Too by golden_d. Follow-up to They Still Write Poetry in the Fifty-First Century and just as lovely. Jack teaches Tosh more about his native language. The bits about his name? Heartbreaking.  

Jack Harkness and the Chocolate Factory by nancybrown. This reel_torchwood crossover does exactly what it says on the tin wrapper; what if the team each received a Golden Ticket?  Yes, that!  Very twisty-turny.


A Perfect Honeymoon (Some Like It Hot) - Daphne/Osgood.  We know Joe and Sugar had a happy ending, and here, Jerry and Osgood do as well. And it's so lovely that Jerry is loved for himself. Herself. Being Jerry. 

He Blinded Me With Archaology
(Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull)  This is an Indy/Mutt story, but they don't know they're related, obvs. Great Mutt POV and characterisation.

"Get out of town," Mutt said, glancing back at the array of brightly colored and oddly shaped fruity-looking things. Some had shiny skin and were curved like boomerangs, and some were withered and bright red, and some were squat and bright lime green.  "No fucking way those are potatoes."

"No?" Indiana said, not meeting his eyes. "I guess you would know, being a motorcycle mechanic. Bet you travel to Peru a lot with that kinda job."
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If you missed it, [ profile] ask_captainjack  has a Christmas list. :D  Check his f-list; Ianto, Janet, T, Tosh, Owen and everyone have been busy!

What did Jack do between leaving Cardiff in CoE and leaving Earth? He went to Hollywood and met Zachary Quinto. [ profile] auctorial  knows! (Check out To Leave This All Behind. OMG.)

[ profile] curriejean 's Advent of Awesome - all of the music you heard in Torchwood -- not the instrumentals, but the pop and other snippets? HERE for your downloading pleasure. :D

And...there is more awesome stuff around, but I'm spent!

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Bizzay today. Read back history for the RP I'm joining and beta-read two stories. One of them, by [info]neifile7, is still in progress and one is complete -- by [ profile] nancybrown . They both address Jack's back story, which is one of my weaknesses as a reader. Because. What was he up to between his arrival on earth and the present day? So much.

Title: Prodigal
Author: [info]nancybrown
Rating: PG
Spoilers: up through CoE
Characters: Jack, OC, Team
Pairings: implied Jack/Ianto, Jack/various
Words: 5000
Summary: Alice is not an only child

And now for something completely different.  Supporting  character love for The X-Files' Special Agent Pendrell.  Aww!  created by [ profile] myutopia Click!

Hey! Vintage typewriter erotica. Yes, you heard me right. QWERTYUIOPLKSDJFLASDKJF.

Was Twitter wonky for anyone else today? Freakin' Twitter.
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Aaaaah!  Work ate me whole today.  But now things have lifted off the shoulders a bit and I'd like to rec more things I've beta-read. Damn. It's been my week for reading nice things. (Yes, we can have nice things!)

[ profile] iamshadow's story features great characterisation and a completely unique setup. It has spoilers for CoE, but you'll like this even if you didn't watch CoE but know the MAJOR plot developments. You'll like it even more if you didn't really dig the major plot developments.  :D

Title: Shift
Author:[ profile] iamshadow 
Pairings: Gen, mentioning canon pairings
Rating: PG
Word Count: 12,561

And Anya has delivered delightfully darkly kinky Ianto.  In my personal fanon, Ianto is a kinkyboots. SRSLY. 

Title: Imago
Author: [ profile] neifile7 
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, references to Ianto/Lisa 
Rating: Explicit
Ingredients: Cross-dressing and bondage, with undertones of knife- and blood-play, d/s.   Metal fetishism. 
Disclaimer: Oh, really, not. 

(I liked her disclaimer!)

In case you missed all of the KINKY FIC that's been posted this week, [ profile] spiderine  has created a lovely list


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