Sep. 22nd, 2010

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Thanks for the support on the "want to leave town and wander around in an Airstream" thoughts I was having in my last post. We should all get a tour bus and...hello, road trip!

[ profile] tw_femficfest ! I am so excited and happy [ profile] nancybrown  thought of this!)   I've got my prompts and am jazzed about them. :D

[personal profile] amalnahurriyeh has written some great meta for the LadiesBigBang.

So the question is, then, what is woman-centric fic, if it is not feminist, or any fic with a woman in it, and if it excludes fic that is outright sexist? It would seem to be a piece of fic that puts a female character at its center, and lets her dominate the not just the content, but the shape of the story. She's not just the person on the page the most, she's the person in control of the narrative. I mean that in a Doylist sense--she's not the person who makes everything in the story happen from within the story's framework, but, for the writer, she's the reason that the story exists, and it's shaped around her.

Check out: On Being a Writer of Woman-Centric Fic

And on that note, [ profile] neifile7  and I are posting some Gwen-POV fic later today. \O/  It won't pass the Bechdel test, but hopefully it'll pass the hot test, since it's from a kinkmeme prompt. Ohoho.
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Title: After Frost
Author: [ profile] neifile7  & [ profile] 51stcenturyfox 
Pairing: Jack/Gwen/Rhys
Wordcount: ~2500
Warnings:  Threesome, double penetration. Spoilers for Torchwood: The New Earth, based on leaks and interviews - not the sex (hmm) just some character and setting details
Summary: It wasn't pretty, exactly, but it was homey enough, and it was safe. At least until Jack finds them again. From a prompt on [ profile] touchyerwood.    
Rating: NC-17 for sexual content
Beta: [ profile] amand_r 

"You go to school, you go to work, you go to bed. You eat. You get kissed. You have sex. You fall in love, or you don't. But it's work and bed and food and sleep. Two weeks in Spain, and Christmas and birthdays and weekends. Every single day until it stops. That's the world. That's the world I live in. That's all there is. much more is there?"

Gwen Cooper

They ate their stew and chased it with a few more shots, just for luck, just to draw out the stories a little longer. )


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